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What does standardized extracts mean?

Standardized extracts refers to the fact that all OLIVIA’s Olive Tree extracts contain the same amount of active elements, such as squalene, found in olive oil.

What does natural product mean?

It refers to the fact that OLIVIA’s ingredients are in overwhelming majority of natural / vegetable origin, up to 99% natural ingredients.

Are your products Vegan Friendly?

Yes, our products do not contain any animal origin ingredients, and are never tested on animals. However, there are some products that may be considered non vegan, those containing honey, found below:

  • Natural Bar Soap with Olive Oil & Honey

Are your products Gluten Free?

Absolutely no product in the OLIVIA line contains gluten, including the OLIVIA Shampoo for Colored hair which contains wheat protein.

Do you test your products on animals?

The OLIVIA brand does not test any products on animals.

Do you use animal glycerin in your soaps?

All glycerin used in the OLIVIA Olive Oil Line is vegetable in origin.

Do you use phthalates in your products?

None of our products contain phthalates.

Do you use parabens in your products?

None of our products contain parabens.

Which of your hair care products are silicon free?

All of Olivia’s shampoos and conditioners are silicon free.

What is the kettle process of making olive oil soap?

The OLIVIA kettle process begins with natural ingredients, Pure Olive Oil, Sea Salt from the Aegean Sea, and pure water.
In its essence, the soap manufacturing process is the combination of fats and caustic soda resulting in a chemical process called saponification.
Saponification involves the splitting of a fat into fatty acids and glycerin. The fatty acids then react with caustic soda in order to produce soap.
The kettle -making soap process takes about 4 days.

What is the triple milled soap making process?

"Triple milled" refers to the repeated machine rolling process of manufacturing soap. After production of soap noodles and the addition of other ingredients that may be included in the recipe, such as extracts, these are rolled between a system of stainless triple steel rollers, for fine homogenization of the soap just before it becomes a bar. The rolling of soap has a well homogenized result, extracting any overly dry particles of soap or air can be trapped into soap, resulting a more consistent and stable bar.

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