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Our History

Our History
In 1870, in Plomari village, the 1st steam engine powered olive oil processing factory was built on the olive rich island of Lesvos by a pioneer for his time, Dimitris Papoutsanis. Taking advantage of his plush olive groves, he produced extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality. A small portion of this liquid gold was saved, to create pure olive oil soap with quality second to none, marking the birth of one of the largest soap production plants in Europe. 

Papoutsanis was the first to utilize olive oil of the finest quality to make premium skin care products, exporting to Italy, Turkey & USA as early as the 1900s.  
In 1913 the production facilities were moved to Piraeus where the first production line bar soaps were made. The company’s expansion in 1972 and its enlisting in the Athens Stock Exchange, where it is still trading, saw its plant move again, this time in the Northern suburbs of Athens. 

In February 2001, Papoutsanis’ continuous growth brought the opening of its newest, state of the art factory on over 71.500yd² in Halkida, outside of Athens. It is currently one of the largest soap production plants in Europe, taking on the entire process of saponification, from raw materials to labeling, always taking into account our high standards for quality control.